Testimonial 7 – Paul & Anita F

The whole Bramble Bugs experience has been phenomenally positive for both child and us as parents. Every Friday morning Tara is met with the upmost reverence and softness at drop off.

The love and attention she receives through the day is transparent when she comes back in the evening. Last Friday, her enthusiasm of saying ‘happy father’s day’ while handing me a bookmark she had made at childcare was one of the most touching experiences I have had as a parent. Her improvements in arts and crafts is evidence that she is progressing creatively & practically and is receiving the necessary adult input to encourage this.

The freedom of both the environment at the centre and the relationship that Yuta has nurtured with our daughter has facilitated in Tara a development in both spirit, intellect and enthusiasm for play.

It is our upmost ambition as parents that we engender the values in our child that will produce an adult whose self-esteem and value system will not be easily shaken by the vicissitudes of life. Entrusting her development to another adult at this early age was a monumental decision for us. Yuta has executed her role as our daughter’s guardian with the upmost professionalism and I have the most profound gratitude for her care and attention.

It is with this sentiment that I cannot rate Bramble bugs highly enough. We would whole heartedly recommend Bramble Bugs on the back of our experiences with it.

Paul & Anita F.

Testimonial 5 – Charlie G

When I first met Yuta, we were at a mutual friend’s house and I had no idea that she was a childminder at the time. However, I noted how incredibly warm and friendly she was, and particularly how much my son, Teddy took to her straight away as well as how lovely Yuta interacted with him given she had never met him before. I later found out that Yuta was a childminder and immediately knew that if there was a time I wanted my son to be in any sort of childcare, she was the person I wanted to look after him. At that time Yuta wasn’t offering morning sessions and I felt Teddy was still a bit too young to be away from me as I wasn’t working and not in need of childcare.

About a year later, I found out that Bramble Bugs were offering morning sessions and I felt that it would be a good time to get my son gently used to being away from me before going to school later on in the year. I had absolutely no hesitation in sending him to Bramble Bugs and so we registered for him to start after Easter, 2017.

We had a settling in session, where Teddy just confidently left my side and got stuck straight into the beautiful play environments that Bramble Bugs offer. It was obvious that he was going to be happy! We then had a short talk with Yuta who explained how the sessions would run, and what a lovely calm environment they like to provide for the children and I was so excited for Teddy to start.

From day one, Teddy has been very happy. He leaves my side with a quick hug and gets straight into play without a worry about me leaving. He is always happy and content when I pick him up and loves to tell me about what a lovely time he has had. He looks forward to his sessions and often on days that he isn’t attending Bramble Bugs he asks if he can go there!

The communication we receive is excellent – the updates after each session, the Tapestry updates where we can see what our son has done during his sessions as well as the general checking of his wellbeing at the start of each session, and the email updates that we receive if there is anything additional that they feel they need to tell us. It is also lovely how is always so warm and caring towards my older son when we drop Teddy off in the morning.

I was always adamant that I wouldn’t send my children to a childminder as I had always had negative associations with ones I had met before, never finding one that seemed to really be enthusiastic about the care that they give. However, after meeting Yuta and seeing her beautiful setting, she completely changed that for me. I have absolute trust in the care that she gives to my son and I feel very blessed that Teddy has such a warm and caring environment as a gentle introduction to being separated from me. It is a really special place. We really are grateful to have found such a wonderful place for our son to be.

In conclusion, I would not hesitate in recommending Bramble Bugs for anyone looking for childcare. I honestly believe you couldn’t find a more calm, caring and wonderful environment than Bramble Bugs.

Charlie G.

Testimonial 3 – Carolyn Bond
(Head of Kindergarten – The Hereford Steiner Academy)

Yuta has looked after children in my kindergarten group during the afternoons for a number of years. She is currently providing a child-minding service for 25 children who are attending or due to attend the Steiner Academy Hereford. Yuta has always demonstrated a very high level of professionalism, shown through the daily effort she makes to share hand-over discussions and in consistently working in partnership with me and my other three teaching colleagues to meet the social, emotional and learning needs of the children in her care. During the past year, Yuta has worked regularly with me to support a child in my Kindergarten with global development delay and she attended a medical training held at school with myself and my assistant for a specific health issue affecting this child.

Yuta works collaboratively with all four practitioners in our Early Years department to provide strong and steady rhythms in support of the work we do in Kindergarten and collaborates regularly to develop strategies for improving the behaviour of specific children in order that they receive a consistent level of support between the two settings attended by them.

Yuta provides a calm and nourishing home-from-home environment for the children and they are always very happy to go home with her at pick-up time. She can also be relied upon to pass on messages from me to the parents of children in her care and to act with complete discretion at all times.

Carolyn Bond (Head of Kindergarten – The Hereford Steiner Academy).

Testimonial 1 – Siobhan M

I’d like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to you for the care, compassion, attention, warmth and interest you show to Fionn, Orlagh and myself. The children are really thriving at Bramble Bugs, learning to socialise with others, having the space physically, mentally and emotionally to develop, be themselves and learn about themselves and their environment. The different approaches and tools you bring to childcare and child development really seem to suit the twins, but these tools are only as good as the crafts people using them, and you are using them very well!! You provide such a calm, loving and gently stimulating environment for the children and I’m learning a lot from you. Recording and sending me some of the songs you sing was such a kind thing to do and has been invaluable in connecting the work you do at Bramble Bugs to their home life and providing continuity.

Thank you for helping me with the transition of sending the twins out into the world and into the hands of another caregiver. You know how nervous I was about it and the fact that I feel so comfortable and relaxed when they are with you is a testament to you both.

Their language and social skills have come on in leaps and bounds and Bramble Bugs has been a wonderful setting for them to play and communicate outside of their little twosome.

As they have settled so well, next term I would really like to book one more morning a week and for the children to use this morning on alternate weeks to come on their own for a session. I feel confident enough to do this now and I think it is important for them to spend a little time in the world without the other and it will allow me to spend quality one on one time with each of them once a week.

It is very comforting to know that if I am having any developmental or behavioural issues with the twins I can discuss this with you and we can come up with a plan together as to how to tackle it – again ensuring continuity. The advice about Fionn and his nightmares was spot on and making one simple change stopped them completely.
So, thank you again for taking care of us as a family so well!
Siobhan M.