Testimonial 6 – Anna JR

I highly recommend Bramble Bugs as a safe, warm and friendly place for children to play and be well looked after by Yuta. The setting is truly magical, beautiful and carefully thought through. The activities the children partake in are varied, creative, engaging and fun. My son has enjoyed his first social experience without his mummy, the group is small enough to be intimate with each child’s needs met, he’s loved playing with his friends and shown confidence and independence. Our home doesn’t have the awesome sandpit, climbing frame, water pump or indoor activities on offer – Phoenix enjoys all these and more at Yuta’s! I feel like it’s a mini kindergarten, with all it’s natural beauty and rhythm, real play and the great outdoors! Preparing them for some of the skills needed to embark on a larger group of varied ages in September whilst being held, nurtured and guided by the very lovely and approachable Yuta!

Anna JR.

Testimonial 8 – Claire C

Yuta Fairs-Billam of Bramble Bugs Childminding Service has been my daughter’s childminder for the last 3 years. The setting offered at Bramble Bugs has all the benefits of a comfy and safe home environment with the added features of wonderful, adventurous outside play spaces filled with engaging activities.

Sukhi feels safe and happy at Yuta’s following a busy day of learning at school and I feel confident that my child is receiving an excellent standard of care, attention and safeguarding. Bramble Bugs manages the balance between engaging educational activities and the opportunity for the children to exhale and play after their day in their formal school setting.

My daughter has a loving relationship with Yuta, her own children and the other children who attend Bramble Bugs. Bramble Bugs operates a consistent daily rhythm and a clear behaviour code that the children understand and are comfortable adhering to.

Yuta treats the children with compassion and respect, recognising all their differing personalities and needs whilst maintaining a calm, happy and play-centred environment. It is very impressive to behold. I would not hesitate to recommend Bramble Bugs to parents seeking excellent childcare provision.

Claire C.

Testimonial 2 – Jenny L

As a Mother, finding the right childcare setting for my two young children was of such importance to me. I needed to feel certain that they would be surrounded by nurturing and care and that they would have opportunities to expand, grow and flourish. From the moment I walked into Yuta’s beautiful garden and was met with a hug, a homemade cake, and a cup of tea, I knew I didn’t need to search any further. My children’s eyes widened as they took her hand and she led them into the garden and quietly encouraged them to explore. Her tenderness, kindness and genuine care for my children over the last few years had meant that they have grown in body and spirit, and have used their nimble fingers, minds and thoughts to do exactly what I hoped for them- to reach into the world with a caring and encouraging hand to softly guide them when I am not there.

In Yuta’s care they have laughed, cried and had their tears softly wiped from their cheeks, and be tucked under duvets and read stories when the winter tiredness came near. They have made beautiful keep sakes, met new friends, and most of all, developed a deep love of Yuta- she is a very important person in their lives. The importance is a product of the care she has shown them and the fun they have had whilst being at Bramble Bugs.

I am lucky enough to now call Yuta a friend, and despite my children not attending Bramble Bugs anymore, simply due to the fact that they no longer need childcare, Yuta is still a very big presence in our lives. They simply have loved their time at Bramble Bugs and regularly ask if they can return. The other day my daughter drew a beautiful picture of a sunny bright house with a rainbow in the garden and a beautiful lady with a very happy face in it, when I asked my daughter who she was and where that place is, Heidi looked at me and said, ‘It’s Yuta and Bramble Bugs of course!’- of course it is darling, of course it is. Her picture kind of sums it all up’.
Jenny L.

Testimonial 4 – Laura H

My two children Juliette and Lukas have been attending Bramble Bugs Childcare since it was first established. Both myself and my husband, Patrick, cannot sing the praises of Yuta and the childcare she provides highly enough. Yuta went out of her way to provide us with the childcare we needed when we first moved to Hereford, welcoming our children into their warm family. Our son and daughter consider themselves well and truly part of the Bramble Bugs family. They feel loved and welcomed, cared for and valued when they are with Yuta. The activities that Yuta provides are fantastic, giving the children a lovely variety of experiences. They are amazingly well thought out and it is obvious that a massive amount of planning and effort goes into the organisation of the children’s activities. The setting of Bramble Bugs is beautiful, inside Yuta ‘s home is beautifully set up for the children and the outside facilities are fantastic and well loved by the children. We feel very lucky that our children get to spend time with Yuta at Bramble Bugs and we will be forever grateful for the way they have welcomed the children into their family and looked after them with such love and care.

Laura H.