Testimonial 3 – Carolyn Bond
(Head of Kindergarten – The Hereford Steiner Academy)

Yuta has looked after children in my kindergarten group during the afternoons for a number of years. She is currently providing a child-minding service for 25 children who are attending or due to attend the Steiner Academy Hereford. Yuta has always demonstrated a very high level of professionalism, shown through the daily effort she makes to share hand-over discussions and in consistently working in partnership with me and my other three teaching colleagues to meet the social, emotional and learning needs of the children in her care. During the past year, Yuta has worked regularly with me to support a child in my Kindergarten with global development delay and she attended a medical training held at school with myself and my assistant for a specific health issue affecting this child.

Yuta works collaboratively with all four practitioners in our Early Years department to provide strong and steady rhythms in support of the work we do in Kindergarten and collaborates regularly to develop strategies for improving the behaviour of specific children in order that they receive a consistent level of support between the two settings attended by them.

Yuta provides a calm and nourishing home-from-home environment for the children and they are always very happy to go home with her at pick-up time. She can also be relied upon to pass on messages from me to the parents of children in her care and to act with complete discretion at all times.

Carolyn Bond (Head of Kindergarten – The Hereford Steiner Academy).