Testimonial 2 – Jenny L

As a Mother, finding the right childcare setting for my two young children was of such importance to me. I needed to feel certain that they would be surrounded by nurturing and care and that they would have opportunities to expand, grow and flourish. From the moment I walked into Yuta’s beautiful garden and was met with a hug, a homemade cake, and a cup of tea, I knew I didn’t need to search any further. My children’s eyes widened as they took her hand and she led them into the garden and quietly encouraged them to explore. Her tenderness, kindness and genuine care for my children over the last few years had meant that they have grown in body and spirit, and have used their nimble fingers, minds and thoughts to do exactly what I hoped for them- to reach into the world with a caring and encouraging hand to softly guide them when I am not there.

In Yuta’s care they have laughed, cried and had their tears softly wiped from their cheeks, and be tucked under duvets and read stories when the winter tiredness came near. They have made beautiful keep sakes, met new friends, and most of all, developed a deep love of Yuta- she is a very important person in their lives. The importance is a product of the care she has shown them and the fun they have had whilst being at Bramble Bugs.

I am lucky enough to now call Yuta a friend, and despite my children not attending Bramble Bugs anymore, simply due to the fact that they no longer need childcare, Yuta is still a very big presence in our lives. They simply have loved their time at Bramble Bugs and regularly ask if they can return. The other day my daughter drew a beautiful picture of a sunny bright house with a rainbow in the garden and a beautiful lady with a very happy face in it, when I asked my daughter who she was and where that place is, Heidi looked at me and said, ‘It’s Yuta and Bramble Bugs of course!’- of course it is darling, of course it is. Her picture kind of sums it all up’.
Jenny L.