Testimonial 5 – Charlie G

When I first met Yuta, we were at a mutual friend’s house and I had no idea that she was a childminder at the time. However, I noted how incredibly warm and friendly she was, and particularly how much my son, Teddy took to her straight away as well as how lovely Yuta interacted with him given she had never met him before. I later found out that Yuta was a childminder and immediately knew that if there was a time I wanted my son to be in any sort of childcare, she was the person I wanted to look after him. At that time Yuta wasn’t offering morning sessions and I felt Teddy was still a bit too young to be away from me as I wasn’t working and not in need of childcare.

About a year later, I found out that Bramble Bugs were offering morning sessions and I felt that it would be a good time to get my son gently used to being away from me before going to school later on in the year. I had absolutely no hesitation in sending him to Bramble Bugs and so we registered for him to start after Easter, 2017.

We had a settling in session, where Teddy just confidently left my side and got stuck straight into the beautiful play environments that Bramble Bugs offer. It was obvious that he was going to be happy! We then had a short talk with Yuta who explained how the sessions would run, and what a lovely calm environment they like to provide for the children and I was so excited for Teddy to start.

From day one, Teddy has been very happy. He leaves my side with a quick hug and gets straight into play without a worry about me leaving. He is always happy and content when I pick him up and loves to tell me about what a lovely time he has had. He looks forward to his sessions and often on days that he isn’t attending Bramble Bugs he asks if he can go there!

The communication we receive is excellent – the updates after each session, the Tapestry updates where we can see what our son has done during his sessions as well as the general checking of his wellbeing at the start of each session, and the email updates that we receive if there is anything additional that they feel they need to tell us. It is also lovely how is always so warm and caring towards my older son when we drop Teddy off in the morning.

I was always adamant that I wouldn’t send my children to a childminder as I had always had negative associations with ones I had met before, never finding one that seemed to really be enthusiastic about the care that they give. However, after meeting Yuta and seeing her beautiful setting, she completely changed that for me. I have absolute trust in the care that she gives to my son and I feel very blessed that Teddy has such a warm and caring environment as a gentle introduction to being separated from me. It is a really special place. We really are grateful to have found such a wonderful place for our son to be.

In conclusion, I would not hesitate in recommending Bramble Bugs for anyone looking for childcare. I honestly believe you couldn’t find a more calm, caring and wonderful environment than Bramble Bugs.

Charlie G.