Testimonial 6 – Anna JR

I highly recommend Bramble Bugs as a safe, warm and friendly place for children to play and be well looked after by Yuta. The setting is truly magical, beautiful and carefully thought through. The activities the children partake in are varied, creative, engaging and fun. My son has enjoyed his first social experience without his mummy, the group is small enough to be intimate with each child’s needs met, he’s loved playing with his friends and shown confidence and independence. Our home doesn’t have the awesome sandpit, climbing frame, water pump or indoor activities on offer – Phoenix enjoys all these and more at Yuta’s! I feel like it’s a mini kindergarten, with all it’s natural beauty and rhythm, real play and the great outdoors! Preparing them for some of the skills needed to embark on a larger group of varied ages in September whilst being held, nurtured and guided by the very lovely and approachable Yuta!

Anna JR.