Testimonial 8 – Claire C

Yuta Fairs-Billam of Bramble Bugs Childminding Service has been my daughter’s childminder for the last 3 years. The setting offered at Bramble Bugs has all the benefits of a comfy and safe home environment with the added features of wonderful, adventurous outside play spaces filled with engaging activities.

Sukhi feels safe and happy at Yuta’s following a busy day of learning at school and I feel confident that my child is receiving an excellent standard of care, attention and safeguarding. Bramble Bugs manages the balance between engaging educational activities and the opportunity for the children to exhale and play after their day in their formal school setting.

My daughter has a loving relationship with Yuta, her own children and the other children who attend Bramble Bugs. Bramble Bugs operates a consistent daily rhythm and a clear behaviour code that the children understand and are comfortable adhering to.

Yuta treats the children with compassion and respect, recognising all their differing personalities and needs whilst maintaining a calm, happy and play-centred environment. It is very impressive to behold. I would not hesitate to recommend Bramble Bugs to parents seeking excellent childcare provision.

Claire C.