Testimonial 7 – Paul & Anita F

The whole Bramble Bugs experience has been phenomenally positive for both child and us as parents. Every Friday morning Tara is met with the upmost reverence and softness at drop off.

The love and attention she receives through the day is transparent when she comes back in the evening. Last Friday, her enthusiasm of saying ‘happy father’s day’ while handing me a bookmark she had made at childcare was one of the most touching experiences I have had as a parent. Her improvements in arts and crafts is evidence that she is progressing creatively & practically and is receiving the necessary adult input to encourage this.

The freedom of both the environment at the centre and the relationship that Yuta has nurtured with our daughter has facilitated in Tara a development in both spirit, intellect and enthusiasm for play.

It is our upmost ambition as parents that we engender the values in our child that will produce an adult whose self-esteem and value system will not be easily shaken by the vicissitudes of life. Entrusting her development to another adult at this early age was a monumental decision for us. Yuta has executed her role as our daughter’s guardian with the upmost professionalism and I have the most profound gratitude for her care and attention.

It is with this sentiment that I cannot rate Bramble bugs highly enough. We would whole heartedly recommend Bramble Bugs on the back of our experiences with it.

Paul & Anita F.